Ingredients for an Artful Life, Home & Family

(With a generous scoop of Wisdom stirred in!)

A guide to life – the Italian-American culture, living with paraplegia, being a caregiver, parenting, and living your best life!

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Living with a Paraplegic
Workshops and Webinars

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My Italian heritage is so important to me – it’s not just a culture it’s a lifestyle!
I have 8 grandchildren that I love spending time with! I am known as the Crafty Grandmama!
Italians are known for their warm homes and ability to make everyone who enters feel welcome. There’s always one more space at the table for drop-ins at my home.  Like my mother before me, I have an open door policy. I love entertaining and creating a space that is elegant yet inviting.
The Italian Grandmama has lots of ideas, tips and tricks about entertaining, love, family! And so much more to share!
Whether you’re a parent or grandparent, you’ll learn something new!
AND we’ll have lots of fun swapping stories and funny Italian memes!
You’re like family! And we want you to share your life, experiences, tips and tricks too!
Building community, sharing what she loves – family, food, friends and a full life!