Simple Tip For Rolling a Paraplegic Over in Bed

My husband Arthur is a T-11 complete paraplegic. This means he has no use of or feeling below his T-11 spine. My husband has four rods in his back with limited flexibility. I’m always looking for ways to help my spouse that are efficient and that will not hurt me or my back as I try to move his weight.

One of the many challenges of being a paraplegic is rolling over in bed. Rolling from side to side is necessary to get dressed, to change a diaper or pull sheet and to get washed up in bed. He can do this by himself when he needs to. However, when I’m helping him, we have found this approach to be effective.

This simple technique helps when the paraplegic or other handicapped individual needs to roll over on their side. Rocking/rolling back and forth is one way that paraplegics get dressed or changed.

Start with the patient/para flat on their back.

Simply lift the leg so that the knee is bent, rather than rolling the entire body with dead weight.

Gently push the knee/leg over so it lays on top of the other knee. If you want to roll on your right side, lift the left knee and gently push it to the right side.

This simple technique has helped tremendously. The bent knee does most of the work.

Let me know how this tip worked for you!

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