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Families are messy!

I’ll bet you had the most idyllic Christmas yesterday!  I saw it on Facebook!  The joys, the babies, the family pajama photos. My Christmas Eve was spent with my husband, my three children, their spouses and eight grandchildren as well as my ex-husband, his fiancé and my daughter-in-law’s parents.  Whew!  Talk about the modern family! The photos you saw on Facebook were the joy we … Continue reading Families are messy!

Unilateral Decision Making in Marriage

My husband and I were having a “conversation” recently about an old issue. You know the kind that goes underground for a while and you think it’s no longer an issue. Until a trigger comes up and you realize you still have feelings about this that are not resolved. I wanted to go camping. He didn’t. I broached the subject with him several times and … Continue reading Unilateral Decision Making in Marriage