Top Ten Parenting Tips

Do you want to raise healthy, well-adjusted adults?  The beauty of having 3 thirty-somethings is that I can see the fruits of my labor. Through reading, trial and error and my basic belief systems, I raised my children on the following 10 premises. I wasn’t a perfect parent, and now my children are all parents so they have their own philosophies. But they are all … Continue reading Top Ten Parenting Tips

Nope, being a parent never ends but the relationship changes

Whoops I did it again!Being the parent of an adult child is harder than being a parent of young children!  Yes, believe it! Adult children have the power to hurt you deeply and you have no recourse. You can’t send them to their rooms!When your kids are little, you have total control. I mean, you obviously can’t control their bowel movements, one of the few things … Continue reading Nope, being a parent never ends but the relationship changes

Ideal Parent….What Does that Mean?

If you are anything like me you have dreamed of being a mother for a very long time.  You thought about what it would be like to raise your children and what you will and will not tolerate.  You some how in your mind created this ideal of the perfect parent.  What you aspire to be. For me that was my mother.  I wanted to … Continue reading Ideal Parent….What Does that Mean?

Halloween Craft – Spider Web!

This past Monday, a holiday for me, I planned on taking my grandchildren to the Pumpkin Patch. But it was raining. So we did Halloween crafts at home instead!  I have a background as a preshool teacher and had three children of my own. So I’ve done lots of crafts through the years and I love holiday crafts in particular, but all of that was … Continue reading Halloween Craft – Spider Web!

Mothers and Social Media

In this generation, social media is in most parent’s everyday lives.  Whether it is through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest more and more parents, especially mothers are bombarded with the way that they should parent, creating picture perfect ideas of parenting.  These ideas are both unnatural and unrealistic for the average mom to achieve on a daily basis. With one click of a button a … Continue reading Mothers and Social Media

Tips to Get your Child to Love to Read

I am a firm believer of starting your children off early when it comes to reading.  I am the type of parent where I want them to destroy books, because that means that they are going through the pages and looking at the pictures, creating their own stories.  We have over 700 books in our library, another 700 on our kindles, and even more in … Continue reading Tips to Get your Child to Love to Read