Quick as a Cricket

Quick as a Cricket is one of my favorite children’s book! It’s written by Audrey Wood and illustrated by Don Wood.

It’s a book about opposites and feelings using animals. It expresses the many emotions that we can have from being shy to being angry. It gives words to feelings that kids may have.

The illustrated pictures are beautifully done and fun for kids.

When the book is finished, here are some questions to ask your kids:

-Can you show me a sad face? How about a happy face?

-Can you move as slow as a snail?

-How strong are you? Can you pick up this (fill in the blank.)

-Can you ROAR like a lion?

-When do you feel scared? When do you feel brave?

You can listen to The Italian Grandmama reading it here:

To bring the story to life, here are 2 great options and several ways to use them!

One way to use these cards is to make 2 sets and play the game Concentration. Turn all cards upside down and have children flip one over, then find the matching animal. If the kids are too young for that concept, lay cards face up and have them match the pictures.

You can also use either set below as puppets. See directions below.

Follow the PDF for the printable animals.

You’ll need scissors, glue or tape, and Popsicle sticks.

First print out the pictures.

Then cut the pictures out yourself or have your child help with safe scissors.

Once cut out, attach them to a Popsicle stick with either glue or tape.

While you read the story, have your child hold up each one of the animals.

You can also set up a puppet theater for them. Use an old box if you have one with a square cut out. Or have your children hide behind a table and hold up each animal as the story unfolds.

So many ways to enjoy these tools! Have fun sharing with your children and I hope they enjoy it too!

Please send me photos of your child enjoying this book with puppets!

Angela DiCicco

The Italian Grandmama



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Credit words of his heart and kidzclub for the printables.

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