Spring crafts for kids: coloring pages and tissue paper crafts

By now, you may be running out of ideas to entertain the kids! Due to COVID-19, social distancing has kids home 24/7 without their playmates or school!

Here a 2 simple but fun ideas that also exercise their fine motor skills.

Idea # 1: Tissue Paper Crumbles

You’ll need:

-Variety of colors of tissue paper

-Tissue torn into larger swatches i.e. 2″x 2″ or 3″x”3″

-Elmer’s type glue, watered down to milk consistency.

-Coloring page

What to do:

-Demonstrate to the child the size the tissue paper needs to be torn into. The larger pieces make it easier to crumble.

-Have child tear up the tissue. It’s OK if they don’t do it perfectly! I’m sure they won’t! It’s just fun and practice.

-Next have the child crumble one of the swatches in their hand.

-Then they dip it into the glue mixture and place it on the coloring page.

-This creates a fun 3-D effect.

What fun for kids to have permission to crumble paper!

Idea # 2: Glitter on paper

I can already hear you groaning! Not glitter! It’s gets everywhere!

-But I have a solution that contains it! Use a box like the bottom of a case of soda. Place the coloring page inside the box.

-Using the Elmers type glue, put a few small dots wherever the child asks you to put it. Let them lead you.

-Then have them move the glue around with a paintbrush to spread it out.

-Finally, using a shaker with holes in the top, have them sprinkle the glitter on the glue.

-Shake off the excess into the box! Less mess!

Show me your child’s masterpieces! The Italian Grandmama would love to see them!

Here are some coloring pages:

These can be cut out individually and used to decorate!

Here’s a bonus one for kids old enough to know their numbers!

Enjoy the precious time you have with your children! It is so fleeting!

I hope these ideas do some of the thinking and planning for you!

Happy Spring! Stay well, stay safe.

Buona giornata
Angela DiCicco
The Italian Grandmama

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