Morning Sickness Remedies

With both of my pregnancies, morning sickness was a nightmare.  I didn’t just get it in the morning or in my first trimester, I got it all day everyday until I was into my third trimester.

With my son, I was able to take Zofran (perscribed by my doctor) to help with the morning sickness, but with my second that didn’t even help.  So I was on a hunt to find different ways to combat the morning sickness.  Below is a list of what I have found to work.

Ginger Ale

Ginger pills

Eating healthy fiber filling foods

Drinking lots of water

and Preggo pops 

What are some of your morning sickness remedies?

Ashley Myers

2 thoughts on “Morning Sickness Remedies

  1. What helped me most was carrying saltines with me all of the time. The salt settled my stomach while the crackers gave me something to eat because nothing else would stay down!


  2. Here’s the website of a company that makes some awesome stuff

    While we’ve used their Gripe Water like crazy with the kids…and it was magic for colic and teething……….haven’t had a chance to try the stuff for morning sickness, but have heard amazing things about it.

    Oh, and this stuff is “the original”–don’t go with different name brands…it’s just not the same.


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