Tips for Keeping Toddlers with You:

It is hard going anywhere with children, but even harder with children that want to walk with you and are no longer contained in a stroller.  So what do you teach them to help them stay with you?  What do you teach them if you are separated?  Here are some tips on what to teach your children. Dress children in the same color shirt- it … Continue reading Tips for Keeping Toddlers with You:

Negative Review? How to deal with it.

Every now and then I come across a post that resonates with me. When I read this topic about negative feedback I realized it’s a common problem, especially with online sites where leaving feedback is encouraged. WeddingWire is a great resource for my button bouquets and alternative bouquets.  But they also offer tips like this one, “How to respond to a negative review.” I especially like the … Continue reading Negative Review? How to deal with it.

Coping Skills for Parents

There are many things that I have had to learn since having children.  I am the type of parent that does tons of research and likes to know what is going to happen, but there are some things that you can not understand until you experience them.  For me the hardest thing was learning to be patient and flexible and understanding that my life as … Continue reading Coping Skills for Parents

Cloth Diaper Calculation

When my mother cloth diapered us, it wasn’t the most popular mainstream thing to do.  Actually it was somewhat looked down upon as “hippy” or “Weird”.  In 20 plus years the times have changed.  Since I made the switch to cloth diapers I have met more people who cloth diaper and follow the same eco-friendly ways.  In my endless nights awake, I stumbled up a … Continue reading Cloth Diaper Calculation

Tip for Toddlers Staying in their Bed

I read this tip in Thriving Family and thought it was such a good idea. To help a daughter, 3, sleep in her own bed, the mother created a game.  Full night staying in her own bed equaled a place moved up on the game board.  If she came into the mom’s room she had to move her piece one step back.  Once she got … Continue reading Tip for Toddlers Staying in their Bed

Sandwich approach….

Ever since I became a parent I am always looking for new ways to handle situations with my children.  Each person parents in a different way, even if the parenting style is the same.  With this I am always amazed to hear one of my friends talk to her children.  She is always so positive and always  compliments them when they do a good job. … Continue reading Sandwich approach….

Tips for a Container Garden!

Want to dabble in dirt but don’t know where to begin?  Want a beautiful garden but not the work that goes behind it?  Consider a container garden. Lisa Stadler of Stadler Nursery begins with soil….. When choosing plants, it is important to know what type of sun you have to work with.  Certain plants do well in shade while others need partial to full sun.  Some … Continue reading Tips for a Container Garden!

How to Prepare your Pets for Welcoming a New Baby.

So you have a little one on the way and you already have a couple of furbabies at home.  There are a few things that you can do to help prepare them for the arrival of your baby. – Start with noises babies make.  Youtube is great for this.  Look up babies crying, screaming, laughing…. Play the video so that your furbabies can hear.  Start … Continue reading How to Prepare your Pets for Welcoming a New Baby.