Tips for a Container Garden!

Want to dabble in dirt but don’t know where to begin?  Want a beautiful garden but not the work that goes behind it?  Consider a container garden.

Lisa Stadler of Stadler Nursery begins with soil…..

When choosing plants, it is important to know what type of sun you have to work with.  Certain plants do well in shade while others need partial to full sun.  Some suggestions are…..

  • Plants can be as attractive as flowers if well chosen for their textures and variegated colors.  They have the added bonus of looking lovely all the time even without blooms.
  • Stadler suggests “Cram, cram, cram” so that your garden container looks lovely now rather than waiting for the plants to spread out their own which could take weeks.  She prefers to cover all the dirt with plant material.
  • Consider unusual items such as herbs.
  • Place something tall in the center.
  • Surround an annual such as a Gerber daisy with perennials so when the annual is over the perennials will continue to grow.
  • Stadler also suggests we get over our “economy” mindset.  While annuals can be expensive some las as long as six months.  Perennials run a 50/50 chance of not surviving the frost so in the end annuals may be money well spent.
  • Container gardens are perfect for decks, porches, apartments, hanging baskets.  It’s not necessary to have a huge landscaped area.  Just begin with one or two containers.  Fill with dirt.
  • Fertilize.

A container garden is perfect for children to get involved with.  Have them help water and prune the flowers!

Do you have any suggestions for planting a container garden?  Please share!

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