Tips on Preparing a Stimulating Activity

Infants, toddlers, and children learn using all 5 senses.  They have a very short attention span, so when preparing an activity it needs to be stimulating.

  • They love to use more than one sense, so create an activity that will use 2-3 senses.
  • Children love to get involved and interact, make sure it is something that they can participate in.
  • Create it based off of your child’s interest.  They will be more likely to play longer if it is something that they are interested in.
  • Make sure that the activity is age appropriate.  One that is too difficult, to fast or to slow will bore them.
  • Children are attracted to bright colors.  Does it offer multiple bright colors?
  • Fun and different materials.  Children love to explore and something new is always exciting to them.

Reference: Creative Activities for Young Children by Mary Mayesky

Do you have any tips on preparing a stimulating Activity?  Please let us know.


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