Mother’s with Postpartum Depression

So just recently I saw something on the news about a woman who drove herself and her 4 children off a bridge and killed everyone.  As the news anchor was talking to parents about the tragedy all the comments were the same.  How could she do that to her children?    What mother would do that?  Man she must have been on something?  I can’t … Continue reading Mother’s with Postpartum Depression

Tips for Keeping Toddlers with You:

It is hard going anywhere with children, but even harder with children that want to walk with you and are no longer contained in a stroller.  So what do you teach them to help them stay with you?  What do you teach them if you are separated?  Here are some tips on what to teach your children. Dress children in the same color shirt- it … Continue reading Tips for Keeping Toddlers with You:

Help Prepare your Child for Preschool

Making the transition from being home to going to preschool can be a hard time for children.  There are some things you can do to help ease that transition. Talk to the teacher about how your child handles change. Visit the classroom before the actual start of classes.  Take pictures to look at with your child after to help familiarize them with the room. Talk … Continue reading Help Prepare your Child for Preschool

This Works for Me- Traveling Safety

Painter’s Tape- Use it to cover open outlets in hotels, families houses or where ever you are. Traveling Baby Gate- Evenflo has a travel baby gate that folds up to the size of two poles.  It even comes with a carrying bag. Portacrib or Pack-n-play- A safe place for your child to sleep Do you have any other safety items you have to bring?  Let … Continue reading This Works for Me- Traveling Safety