Help Prepare your Child for Preschool

Making the transition from being home to going to preschool can be a hard time for children.  There are some things you can do to help ease that transition.

  • Talk to the teacher about how your child handles change.
  • Visit the classroom before the actual start of classes.  Take pictures to look at with your child after to help familiarize them with the room.
  • Talk with your child about the transition.  Try not to convey your feelings about the transition.
  • Celebrate the last day at home with a special treat.  This gives you an opportunity to acknowledge the change through a small ritual.  This can be continued the last day before school starts each year.

Do you have any ways you prepared your child for preschool?  Please share!

Ashley Myers

One thought on “Help Prepare your Child for Preschool

  1. I never thought about taking pictures of the classroom. This can also help my son with Autism as he transitions into first grade.


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