Senses: Smell

This is the fourth part of our senses series, smell. We have done sound,  touch, and taste. Below are activities, printables, and book suggestions all about the sense of smell.

Activities involving smell

  • Bake/Cook something.  Compare the individual ingredients to all of them combined.
  • Compare different spices.
  • Guess what it is.  Solely rely on your sense of smell to guess what it is.
  • Create scratch and sniff craft.  Color a piece of paper or a worksheet, wipe glue stick over the different colors.  While the glue is wet, sprinkle different flavor of Kool-aid.  You can also use paint and use essential oils in the liquid paint.



Do you have any fun activities, crafts or books about taste? Please share!

Check back next week for the sense of taste.


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