The Importance of Reading to Your Children

Reading is very important to a child’s development.  From recognition skills as they look at a picture book to learning the words to read, developing imagination, increasing vocabulary, learning better communication skills, doing better academically, the list goes on and on.

Infants are just learning about the world. They only know what you teach them. As they become more alert they are learning and absorbing all that is going around them. Placing a book in front of them will encourage them to pick it up, look at the pictures, touch it….. opening up their minds to what the possibilities are. Picture board books engage several of the senses – visual, tactile and auditory if they’re being read to.

Toddlers are learning about the world a mile a minute. You can show them to do something one time and they have it mastered! Reading aloud to them helps them associate words with pictures. This improves their language and communication skills. It introduces them to a world outside of their home.

Children have such an imagination. Have you ever watched a group of children play “hot lava” on the playground? Where do they get that imagination from? All over. Books expand your child’s experiences of new places, people, and things. It gives children the opportunity to discover a topic they are interested in. Reading aloud to them helps them develop good listening skills, comprehension skills, and language skills.

Reading with your children encourages a special bond. It is quality one-on-one time and gives you and your child the opportunity to learn together while snuggling!

Reading opens the doors to all other possibilities! Encourage your children to read from a very early age.

Here is a helpful link that identifies 5 main early reading skills

Here is my experiences with reading.


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