Inter-generational Activities

My children are blessed to have 5 great- grandparents, 8 grandparents, and Aunt and Uncles, and this doesn’t include the suto-Aunts and Uncles.  But sometimes the generation gap can cause families to not spend time with each other out of having nothing in common.  Below are some classic activities that know no age and everyone can enjoy.

  • Reading and telling stories:  Let your older generation tell you would life was like for them when they were your children’s age.  It is interesting how the times have changed.
  • Listen to music: Swap what type of music so that all involved can have fun.  It is also a good way for the children to learn what type of music was popular back then.
  • Bake:  It doesn’t matter how old you are, fresh chocolate chip cookies still warm is the best!
  • Play classic games:  There are a few board games that never go out of style.  Maybe your children can teach the older generation how to play a game on the newest toy.
  • Puzzles:  Puzzles are so much fun and it doesn’t matter how old you are.
  • Card games:  Uno is a great game to be played by all.
  • Making everyone’s favorite snack:  This seems to allow the older generation to tell stories of when they were younger.
  • Sharing each others favorite spot: Who knows you both might like the same place!

Do you have any ideas for activities that it doesn’t matter how old you are?  Please share!

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