Technology and the Next Generation

In my short life time, I have seen computers go from only being in the classroom having only Organ Trail and Kidpix to having a computer at the touch of a finger.  I remember when it was cool to have a pager and unheard of to have a cell phone.  Technology is a wonderful thing, but when is it too much? We see campaigns for … Continue reading Technology and the Next Generation

Tips for a Container Garden!

Want to dabble in dirt but don’t know where to begin?  Want a beautiful garden but not the work that goes behind it?  Consider a container garden. Lisa Stadler of Stadler Nursery begins with soil….. When choosing plants, it is important to know what type of sun you have to work with.  Certain plants do well in shade while others need partial to full sun.  Some … Continue reading Tips for a Container Garden!

Senses: Taste

This is the third part of our senses series, taste. We have done sound and touch. Below are activities, printables, and book suggestions all about the sense of taste. Activities involving taste Bake something.  How does it taste before you eat it or after. Bite into a lemon.  Is it sweet or sour?  Does adding a little sugar make it any sweeter? Bite into a piece of chocolate.  Is … Continue reading Senses: Taste

Christmas craft: What can you do with old Christmas cards?

Seems such a waste to throw away beautiful greeting cards from friends and family that took the time to write and send them. So what can you do with those cards?  Upcycle them!  These are great indoor activities for children:  Make gift tags.  Why spend money on new ones when you can make your own?  Here’s a video to show you how it’s done Make … Continue reading Christmas craft: What can you do with old Christmas cards?

Senses: Touch

This is the second part of our senses series, touch. If you missed Sound, you can go here!  Below are activities, printables, and book suggestions all about the sense of touch. Activities involving touch Take different types of fruit/vegetables, close your eyes.  Feel them with your fingers.  Do they feel soft or hard?  What shape are they?  Is the surface smooth or bumpy? Is it large … Continue reading Senses: Touch

Toddler Activities and Crafts

Mirror Image Activity Have your child stand facing another person, as if they were looking in the mirror. Choose which person will be the leader and which one will be the follower.  As the leader moves the follower imitates the movement. Make sure to switch roles, so that both children can be the leader and the follower. Crown thee King or Queen: Cut construction paper to … Continue reading Toddler Activities and Crafts

Senses: Sound

There is so much that you can do with the 5 senses and teaching them.  This week we are going to start with Sound.  Below are activities, printables, and book suggestions all about sound. Activities involving Sound: Go on a sound walk: Listen for all the different sounds.  Can you pick out any one in particular? Guess what it is: Play different sounds and have … Continue reading Senses: Sound

Gross Motor Activities

Crayon Rubbings: Explore with different textures by placing a piece of paper over it and rubbing the crayon on the paper. Sand Painting: Spread glue on a piece of paper.  Drop the sand onto the glue, shake off extra sand. Large Block building:  See how tall your child can get the blocks to go before they tip over. Bean bag toss:  Throw the bean bags … Continue reading Gross Motor Activities

Clothespins and the Basket

This is a great activity for a toddler who loves to sort and pick things up and put them in a container.  It will help your child with gross motor skills, following directions, fine motor skills and the concept of “in” and “out”. You can color the clothespins with markers, or paint.  Then use different color buckets for your child to match the colors.  Don’t … Continue reading Clothespins and the Basket