Christmas craft: What can you do with old Christmas cards?

Seems such a waste to throw away beautiful greeting cards from friends and family that took the time to write and send them.

So what can you do with those cards?  Upcycle them!  These are great indoor activities for children:

  1.  Make gift tags.  Why spend money on new ones when you can make your own?  Here’s a video to show you how it’s done
  2. Make a village.  Better  Homes & Gardens has their version here
  3. Frame them!  These are works of art.  My cousin gave me a beautiful card which I framed and hung in the hallway.  Every time I looked at it I thought of her.
  4. Make sewing cards for young children to practice their small motor skills on.  Just punch holes around the outside of a card.  Cut a long piece of thick yarn, tape the ends so it is sturdy and doesn’t unravel.  And show your 3-5 year old how to sew!
  5. They make adorable home-spun ornaments. Let your children decorate them with sequins and glitter.  Punch a hole in the top, add fancy ribbon and hang.
  6. I love this one – reuse them as Christmas cards for next year!  Using the card front, cut a pleasing shape or design.  Fold a piece of construction paper in half. Glue the card front to the folded piece of construction paper.  Add your own sentiment inside or use the one from the previous card!
  7. Donate old Christmas and greeting cards to a nursing home or preschool.

If you have an idea for reusing old cards, share it with us!

Angela Di Cicco

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