Christmas craft: What can you do with old Christmas cards?

Seems such a waste to throw away beautiful greeting cards from friends and family that took the time to write and send them. So what can you do with those cards?  Upcycle them!  These are great indoor activities for children:  Make gift tags.  Why spend money on new ones when you can make your own?  Here’s a video to show you how it’s done Make … Continue reading Christmas craft: What can you do with old Christmas cards?

10 Things I learned from Craft Fairs this year.

Having just finished a weekend at a craft fair where I sold so much on Friday evening that I was up at 4:30am Saturday to create more, I thought I’d share what I gleaned:  You won’t get your hourly worth at a craft fair.  People just aren’t going to pay you what you’re worth!  Adding $20 to an item to give you your hourly wage … Continue reading 10 Things I learned from Craft Fairs this year.

The Progression of Santa Clause

St Nicholas (Father Christmas) is the historical Santa Clause.  He was Bishop of Myra, Asia Minor (near modern Finke, Turkey) around the year 325 AD.  HIs traditional feast day is December 6.  There are several legends about him which are summarized below.  All have the same basic theme: he was the ultimate anonymous gift giver.  He also did not expect a return for his good … Continue reading The Progression of Santa Clause

Stress and the Holidays

Holidays are an important and stress time for many families.  The focus of the holidays is to celebrate but often we become so busy with preparations that we forget their true meaning.  Meeting everyone’s needs during the holidays, as well as bringing to life the picture we’ve painted in our own minds, can over-stress our bodies.  Our bodies can be over-stressed both physically (e.g. overeating, … Continue reading Stress and the Holidays

Kid’s Korner: Holiday Party Games

Holiday Party Games: Word Game: How many words can your make from “Happy Thanksgiving”. Feather Game: Divide in teams (relay-style game).  First person must try to keep a feather in the air by blowing it to designated spot.  Player than passes it back to next player.  First team finished wins. Lost Mittens: Everyone brings a pair of mittens.  They turn them inside out and toss in … Continue reading Kid’s Korner: Holiday Party Games

Peeking Through the Window

A holiday party is in progress and a photo is being snapped.  This is the scene as you watch through the frosted windowpane:  A woman wears a black velvet dress cut to a “V” in back.  Her hair is upswept and perfectly lacquered.  Her nails are perfectly manicured and her smile shows perfect teeth.  Her children, too, are dressed festively.  The girl is dressed in red … Continue reading Peeking Through the Window