10 Things I learned from Craft Fairs this year.

Having just finished a weekend at a craft fair where I sold so much on Friday evening that I was up at 4:30am Saturday to create more, I thought I’d share what I gleaned: 

  1. You won’t get your hourly worth at a craft fair.  People just aren’t going to pay you what you’re worth!  Adding $20 to an item to give you your hourly wage puts it out of reach for these buyers.  
  2. I’m willing to trade if you have what I want!  Since my cash in tied up in my inventory, this is a great way for me to get Christmas gifts or a little something for myself!
  3. For my niche product, it’s as much as raising awareness that my product exists as it is about sales. I gave away lots of business cards from the wedding bouquets that I displayed.  
  4. I don’t get upset if you walk away.  Granted, I’m here to make money. But I want to sell to people who really want my product!  It brings me joy to see someone excited about my button bracelets or to see the smile on little girl’s face when she picks out a button bouquet for her teacher.
  5. I have no idea what will sell!  Friday evening my under $10 button bouquets flew out of my shop.  Saturday, not one moved!
  6. Price points are important. Have items that people can quickly buy for under $10 and under $20.    
  7. I want to sell my products.  Inventory sitting on my shelves is bringing me nada.  So if I change the price point on an item from $22 to $20 and it sells, I’m ahead of the game!  Sticking to my price point just to prove that my products are worth it and I am worth it doesn’t bring me in the dough!  I don’t need to prove anything to anyone. I know what I’m worth! What I need to do sometimes is generate cash!  
  8. Be willing to branch out. Wedding button and brooch bouquets are my full time business.  They won’t sell at craft fairs. I create smaller button arrangements, button jewelry, button hair adornments.  Quick little items that people can pick up. And I display my wedding bouquets which get people interested and get me noticed.  
  9. Decide where your time is best spent and what your goal is.  My goal is two-fold for craft fairs – to generate quick cash and to raise awareness of my button bouquets. It may  not be worth your time and energy to sit for hours at a craft fair if it doesn’t line up with your goals.
  10. Have fun!  Craft fairs are great ways to meet new friends and associates.  We support each other and bump into each other again and again. This creates an impression in their minds and maybe they’ll remember me when the subject of bridal bouquets comes up!

Oh!  And I pray – a lot.  I ask God to bring me the people who want to buy my bouquets.   I pray for the best possible outcome. And I let the rest go. It’s out of my hands.

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