Cloth Diaper Calculation

When my mother cloth diapered us, it wasn’t the most popular mainstream thing to do.  Actually it was somewhat looked down upon as “hippy” or “Weird”.  In 20 plus years the times have changed.  Since I made the switch to cloth diapers I have met more people who cloth diaper and follow the same eco-friendly ways.  In my endless nights awake, I stumbled up a … Continue reading Cloth Diaper Calculation

Why I Love Having Children Close in Age

When I tell people I have two children two and under, I normally get some sort of response of sympathy.  Having my children so close in age was something that my husband and I decided consciously to do.  We wanted them to grow up together and be at the same development age range.  Yes we knew that it was going to be difficult and more work … Continue reading Why I Love Having Children Close in Age

How to Prepare your Pets for Welcoming a New Baby.

So you have a little one on the way and you already have a couple of furbabies at home.  There are a few things that you can do to help prepare them for the arrival of your baby. – Start with noises babies make.  Youtube is great for this.  Look up babies crying, screaming, laughing…. Play the video so that your furbabies can hear.  Start … Continue reading How to Prepare your Pets for Welcoming a New Baby.

Toys Children Play With

It was the day after Christmas and two days after my son’s second birthday, where he got tons of toys for presents and what do we see him play with?  The box and peanuts a package came in on Christmas Eve.  Yep that is right, he wasn’t playing with any of his new toys….he was playing with a cardboard box and peanuts.  At that point … Continue reading Toys Children Play With

Featured on Fearless Formula Feeder!

I had the wonderful opportunity to write about my birth experience with my daughter for The Fearless Formula Feeder Friday post. Here is a portion of the post. To read the whole entry please go here. Punished because I Formula Feed I have read so many stories about hospitals that push women to formula feed their babies and how nurses/hospitals need to be more supportive of women … Continue reading Featured on Fearless Formula Feeder!

Postpartum Depression

I briefly discussed dealing with  postpartum depression (PPD)before, but little did I know then that I would have it ten times worse with the birth of my second child. I knew something wasn’t right when I was pregnant, when I was getting agitated over the stupidest things.  It only took one dinner, where I threw a 4-year-old tantrum because my husband cooked the potatoes with garlic and onions, to … Continue reading Postpartum Depression