Toys Children Play With

It was the day after Christmas and two days after my son’s second birthday, where he got tons of toys for presents and what do we see him play with?  The box and peanuts a package came in on Christmas Eve.  Yep that is right, he wasn’t playing with any of his new toys….he was playing with a cardboard box and peanuts.  At that point my husband and I were reminded that kids don’t really need a lot of fancy gadgets or toys that light up.  The best toys are the boxes that the toy comes in.

I have noticed that he doesn’t play with gadgets very long that he goes for the classic toys like nesting cups and wooden blocks, that those toys keep his attention much longer than the electronic toys.

Technology is wonderful, but sometimes it is too much and good old fashion toys are still the best.

What toys do your children play with?


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