Technology and the Next Generation

In my short life time, I have seen computers go from only being in the classroom having only Organ Trail and Kidpix to having a computer at the touch of a finger.  I remember when it was cool to have a pager and unheard of to have a cell phone.  Technology is a wonderful thing, but when is it too much? We see campaigns for … Continue reading Technology and the Next Generation

Toys Children Play With

It was the day after Christmas and two days after my son’s second birthday, where he got tons of toys for presents and what do we see him play with?  The box and peanuts a package came in on Christmas Eve.  Yep that is right, he wasn’t playing with any of his new toys….he was playing with a cardboard box and peanuts.  At that point … Continue reading Toys Children Play With

This Generation and Technology

They call my generation the technology generation, but I am learning that my children will really be the first generation.  When I was growing up, the internet was still something few families had.  I didn’t have cable for most of my childhood, video games were not as mainstream and you could still find a pay phone.  In today’s world, kids are brought up with technology; they … Continue reading This Generation and Technology