I never thought…..

I swore before I had children that I would not be one of those parents that would give their children electronics, Ipad, or playing on my phone.  Then I had children and my ideas changed.  It started with the phone.  We used it as a last resort to help occupy my son when we needed to do something for a couple of minutes.  We noticed that he actually really enjoyed the educational puzzle and games that we had put on the phone for him and that he was learning!  Then we moved to a touch screen computer, which offered even more educational apps and programs that my son could do. Then we were able to upgrade to an Ipad Mini (which we got at a great deal on sale).

Even now I cringe at the thought of my son playing these games on the phone, Ipad, or computer, but I have to remind myself that my husband and I consciously made the decision to allow these electronics in certain situations.  Before we introduced any electronics we decided in what situations we would use it and to what extent.  We also agreed that we would review and “play” and new educational game before either child plays it.  We wanted to make sure that they are appropriate and educational.  We didn’t want to have this be another avenue to get addicted to.  So we purposely choose apps and games that are all educational and grow their mind.

Now that we have these extra tools, I have noticed that not only my son, but also my daughter loves to “play” these games that are all educational.  They have learned so much and I can see how excited they get when they get to “play” these games.

Below are some of the rules we have to help monitor the use of the electronics.

  1. We monitor every and all apps that he plays
  2. They have their own folder so they are unable to get into any other games
  3. Lock, so they are unable to purchase any other apps
  4. They do not get it if they are misbehaving or whining
  5. It is a treat and used sparingly
  6. Preschool, which is on the Ipad or computer, is an actual program that the kids are apart of, or another educational app for writing, reading, counting, colors, shapes and more.
  7. They can not have it for more than an hour a day.  Broken up over spurts throughout the day.

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