Mothers and Social Media

In this generation, social media is in most parent’s everyday lives.  Whether it is through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest more and more parents, especially mothers are bombarded with the way that they should parent, creating picture perfect ideas of parenting.  These ideas are both unnatural and unrealistic for the average mom to achieve on a daily basis. With one click of a button a … Continue reading Mothers and Social Media

Mother’s with Postpartum Depression

So just recently I saw something on the news about a woman who drove herself and her 4 children off a bridge and killed everyone.  As the news anchor was talking to parents about the tragedy all the comments were the same.  How could she do that to her children?    What mother would do that?  Man she must have been on something?  I can’t … Continue reading Mother’s with Postpartum Depression

Insights: Report From Aged Eye-Witness

Report From Aged Eye-Witness- ===Slow-Pitch Softball 5-13-13=== Sneaking up from behind Ryley,  perfectly seated upon the bench and engrossed with “crowns” and paper, he finally caught my eye, I saw the “Oh” mouth,  and heard those words again, “MaMaMa!”  I quickly put a blanket down on that cold cold bench ( under Dawn, Ryley and myself) and he then lifted his arm to hug me!  Almost the best part of … Continue reading Insights: Report From Aged Eye-Witness


I decided early on that we would take a family vacation every summer, no matter what our financial situation was.  We booked inexpensive trips like camping at the Jersey shore or driving to Tennessee and camping nearby so we could go to Dollywood.  We drove to Florida and stayed at an inexpensive condo outside of DisneyWorld.  It lacked the convenience or the “status” of staying … Continue reading Insights

Tip for Toddlers Staying in their Bed

I read this tip in Thriving Family and thought it was such a good idea. To help a daughter, 3, sleep in her own bed, the mother created a game.  Full night staying in her own bed equaled a place moved up on the game board.  If she came into the mom’s room she had to move her piece one step back.  Once she got … Continue reading Tip for Toddlers Staying in their Bed

Sandwich approach….

Ever since I became a parent I am always looking for new ways to handle situations with my children.  Each person parents in a different way, even if the parenting style is the same.  With this I am always amazed to hear one of my friends talk to her children.  She is always so positive and always  compliments them when they do a good job. … Continue reading Sandwich approach….

Why I Love Having Children Close in Age

When I tell people I have two children two and under, I normally get some sort of response of sympathy.  Having my children so close in age was something that my husband and I decided consciously to do.  We wanted them to grow up together and be at the same development age range.  Yes we knew that it was going to be difficult and more work … Continue reading Why I Love Having Children Close in Age