Insights: Report From Aged Eye-Witness

Report From Aged Eye-Witness- ===Slow-Pitch Softball 5-13-13===
Sneaking up from behind Ryley,  perfectly seated upon the bench and engrossed with “crowns” and paper, he finally caught my eye, I saw the “Oh” mouth,  and heard those words again, “MaMaMa!”  I quickly put a blanket down on that cold cold bench ( under Dawn, Ryley and myself) and he then lifted his arm to hug me!  Almost the best part of the evening…. until he persuaded me to venture from the bench for a walk down the path!
 Back at the bench—- upon arrival— Morgan was not so sure who I was and I saw no dimples until I produced Cheerios and Banana flavored Little Puffs which seemed to please both she and Ryley.  Sitting on Dawn’s lap, Morgan was much more interested in them and took great pains to pick them up and eat them with her Left hand!!…….  {{ which I zeroed in on quickly and tried to make them inaccessible except by use of her right hand…….because!!!     (I know “they”say you  are Not supposed to change natural tendencies, BUT,truly  this world is configured for right handed people!!!! – who, by the way dominate!)}}…..
Back to the walk………..After a few exchanges of conversation about “crowns”: and the Marker I had brough for him to use, he took my hand and announced that we should go!
 We headed to the path toward the outdoor potty.  Then  he thought we should go straight ahead  “”Big tree” he said!!
” Yes, it is a big tree with lots of new leaves that God sends in the summer time” I said.
He wanted to go straight past it, I wanted to turn right and follow the path back toward the car lot. “No” he said. “This way!”
“I don’t think I can go that way Ryley.  It is too far for me to walk right now.”
 No” he said, “this way!”
 “Let’s go this way instead.   MaMaMa has to go back to the bench and get her coat..  It is cold”
“OK get your coat on the bench” he said. And then,as we turned and walked up the incline to the car lot I am fine!  He is puffing and breathing like it is a really heavy task!  Deep breath, audible blowing out, deep breath, louder breathing out!  and I am wondering—-is he clued in that I really would rather be sitting down? …. is he clued into my distress of walking any distance and breathing problems?- even tho I am not having any problems at this  time?-   is he trying to be funny?,  is he really tired?, or is he saying he knows the Coat thing is just a ploy to get him back to the bench?   Well…………. I am impressed with Any of these choices!   Has he figured out a way to beat me at my own game????  Is he kidding???  Well…………..  Too smart for me in any case!  I am just going to have to figure out a way to be smarter…. because it is my job!!
Once back at the bench I did put on my coat and asked Dawn to take over “the walk.”  They  left and were gone for most of the rest of the game and after a while I asked D-Dad to go get them.  Now D-Dad is gone too, the game is going to pot, the sun is gone, and it’s just Morgan and me sitting eating Cheerios and Little Puffs with cold hands.  I sang “Itsy-Bitsy” and we did Patty-Cake at least 10 times and she was ROLLING!!!!!   Clapping all the “patting” places and clearly Rolling the Roll!!!!   Good Job!!!!!  ….. Morgan is wanting to run somewhere and getting figity!  They call the game – everyone returns and only Ryley wants to keep going!  Clearly he will sleep good tonight!!  Too keyed up to even kiss me goodbye, altho once in his car seat he did say, “Bye, MaMaMa.”    Miss them already!!
Didn’t see much of the game!  Boo!   But Chris thought he was responsible for the 6 run lead they had early on but clearly it was not all his fault. and in  the inning I did see, the in-field made soooo many errors it wasn’t even funny AND the left fielder threw the ball like a girl I knew when I was in elementary school causing several runners to be safe at base!  The eventual end was just a gift St.Francis game them because of the their poor fielding.   (Think it might be smart for some of these guys to have a mid-week practice and maybe Dan might put some different players in different spots.  Just sayin’ ………..)

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