Insights from a Great- Grandmother

On Monday night, I received 6 joyous blessings:
1)  I watched you play ball – one of my all-time favorite things to do!
2)  I was greeted at the field by a very small pair of open arms, fully  outstretched -( I might as well have been the most decorated VIP in history!)  with the music to my ears, “MaMaMa!!!!!” and a smile on the face of an amazingly gorgeous “replica” of You!
3) I took an important hand-in-hand walk with that “replica” – my first! – at which time we exchanged important information and ideas about cherry trees, petals, dirt, tennis court practice, airplanes, dogs, baseball……
4)  I was able to share a lovely interlude with a very pretty, sweet and always smiling young lady!  I got to hold her on my lap, hug and kiss her as well as play face-to-face peek-a-boo, and her special game of, “I Drop It – Throw It –  You Pick It Up” while D-Dad was holding her!  I also starred at Cheerios feeding and pacifier!!
5) I met a sweet-faced, thankful, well-manored puppy – – fostered?    Really!!…that one….c’mon…. is permanently placed – – who wants to be a watch dog—barking warning signals as I approached.  I saw mutual, loving moments of appreciation between Mother and rescued animal that will endure!
6)  I saw some  pretty damn fast base running, some powerfully long hits, a double, a scored run, and as always, perfect fielding posturing!   Love it!  Love it!  Love it!!
It was a Great Hour +  and I will always remember it!
(Could have been warmer!)

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