Lobster Ravioli in Cognac Cream Sauce? Yes please!

Lobster Ravioli in Cognac Cream Sauce. The very sound of this dish is scrumptious! Lobster and ravioli – two of my favorite things! My mouth is watering for this tasty meal!

Alessandra Aiello shared her special recipe with us on The Italian Grandmama’s Guide Community on Facebook. Alessandra is a regular in our group and generously shares her wonderful Italian recipes with us! This one is simple enough that I could make it!

Friends have said to me, “You are such a good cook! You must really enjoy cooking!” The truth is, I do not. I am not one of those people that cooks for pleasure. I cook for others because I love them, not because I love to cook. I enjoy feeding my friends and my family, sharing a meal with them, spending time with them. Cooking is a way to express love.

Alessandro gave me some options for substitutions so check them out and don’t get intimidated.

So who will you show love to with this recipe? Valentine’s Day is coming up!


3 tablespoons of salted butter.

3 shallots chopped. (substitute white onions)

1 garlic clove chopped.

2 lobster tails. (substitute l lb of shrimp)

1 cup passata di Pomodoro (tomato puree)

2 3/4 cups heavy cream.

Salt and black pepper to taste.

A few sprigs of fresh parsley.

1 shot glass of cognac (substitute brandy if you flambe or white wine with no flame)


Step 1- In a sauté pan, add butter, shallots, and garlic. On medium to low heat sweat the shallots. You can add a little salt to speed the process. Stir and be careful not to burn.

Step 2- Cut your lobster tails into 2 to 3 pieces and add to the pan. Be careful not to get shells in it. Once the color changes to a vibrant orange, add the cognac and tilt the pan toward the flame to burn the cognac.

Very Important– This will produce a flame so be very careful not to burn yourself. Keep a large lid nearby just in case the flame is high. You can quickly cover your pan to extinguish the flame.

Step 3- Once the alcohol burns out, remove the lobster pieces. Take the meat out of the shell and set it aside.

Step 4- Add the passata to the sauté pan, rinse the container with a little water and add that too. Passata tends to be very thick. Cook for about 5 minutes or until oil comes to the top.

Step 5- Add your lobster cut pieces and chopped parsley. Now add your cream and cook for 10 minutes.

Step 6- In a large pot of boiling salted water, add your ravioli and follow package timing instructions. (Careful not to overcook or they’ll open).

Step 7- With a skimmer, remove ravioli and transfer in a colander to drain. Handle very gently.

Step 8- Add the ravioli to the sauce and cook for a minute until cream sauce coats them generously. Plate and garnish with parsley.

And the most important step – relax and enjoy! Pair it with a nice wine, add insalata, perhaps a taramisu for dessert.

Please let us know how much you enjoyed the recipe! Hop on over to Alessandra’s youtube channel here:

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