Don’t shirk your business, but fit in PLAY time!

Over the last few months, my business has been very busy.  So busy that I have had little time for play.

I have recently come to realize that when this happens, I must get back to basics. I must continue to CREATE.  I mean make new things, work on new projects.

As I fill orders and focus (like I believe someone who owns a business needs to focus) I realize that I am getting into an unhappy rut.

And what do I have to be unhappy about?  I work from home, have a wonderful husband who supports my endeavor, love what I do. 

But creative people must be creative!  And when I’m hyper-focused on getting orders out to the exclusion of channeling my creative juices, I become stuck.

And I’ve been stuck.  How do I know this?  Because I don’t look forward to the new day.  Because I don’t rush to go to my office.  Because I dread filling my next order.

So I backtrack.  I give myself time to play.  Schedule it in.  Plan it.  Be spontaneous as an idea comes up. 

The Artist’s Way by Julie Cameron suggests scheduling an “artist’s date” once a week.  And I’ve been slacking! 

So, this week I entered a nautical craft contest using 4 different kinds of ribbon.  I challenged myself and it was fun!  Today I found several crocheted doilies and thought, “What can I do with these besides resell them?”  Pinterest to the rescue!  I can make scarves, attach them to tops, jean jackets.  Now my biggest concern is narrowing it down to one idea!

I’m back to being ambitious, back to being joy-filled.  Back to being EXCITED!  And when all of these things happen, I can FLY through my orders as I look forward to my next exciting new project.

Creators – never stop creating!  It’s in our blood and to stop creating, even for a short time, stops the fresh flow of ideas that makes us who we are!  

So, what fresh ideas will you allow yourself this week? 

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