Pick 6 – A creative process

Have you ever been blocked creatively?  Can’t focus on which direction to take? 

Or maybe you’re overwhelmed with ideas?  You don’t know where to start?  Your mind floods and maybe you even shut down?  

Well, “Pick 6.”  This idea is the creative genius of my friend and artist Shirley.  When you’re beginning a project, when you’re stuck, when you’re overwhelmed, just pick 6 different items.  Maybe 6 textures, maybe 6 colors, maybe 6 shades of one color. 

If you’re working with collage, for example, pick piece of yarn, a piece of shiny paper, a piece of textured paper, a button, a doily to stencil, a sponge.  Work with those items to come up with something wonderful.  This gives your mind a focus.  Gets the creative juices flowing. And who knows?  You might come up with something great!

Or pick 6 shades of one color and work with that.  Or choose 6 different items in 6 different colors.  The possibilities are endless.  It really doesn’t matter which medium you’re working with.  This idea works!

I love this idea!  Let me know if you try it and how you made out!  

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