Pick 6 – A creative process

Have you ever been blocked creatively?  Can’t focus on which direction to take?  Or maybe you’re overwhelmed with ideas?  You don’t know where to start?  Your mind floods and maybe you even shut down?   Well, “Pick 6.”  This idea is the creative genius of my friend and artist Shirley.  When you’re beginning a project, when you’re stuck, when you’re overwhelmed, just pick 6 different items.  … Continue reading Pick 6 – A creative process

How to Organize Your Home Office

Being organized is imperative for a well-run organization especially if you ARE the organization!  It’s so easy to fly from one thing to the next, busy as we are creating, marketing, ordering, selling.  I often leave a mess in my wake. However, when all of my buttons are in their bins and my ribbons color coordinated, my work flow is smoother, faster, easier and that … Continue reading How to Organize Your Home Office