What’s your Creative Process?

Do you jump right into your new creations?  Or do you savor the moment when you begin?  Or maybe you avoid starting a new project, studiously working on any number of legitimate busywork to put it off.  Everyone has a different process.  Do your ideas come fully formed?  Sometimes mine do, but mostly with my custom orders it is a building process.  I often put off … Continue reading What’s your Creative Process?

Don’t shirk your business, but fit in PLAY time!

Over the last few months, my business has been very busy.  So busy that I have had little time for play. I have recently come to realize that when this happens, I must get back to basics. I must continue to CREATE.  I mean make new things, work on new projects. As I fill orders and focus (like I believe someone who owns a business … Continue reading Don’t shirk your business, but fit in PLAY time!

10 Steps of Creativity

 Don’t go with the flow- create your own current. Don’t let the sky stop you. Dare to be different. Don’t say it can’t be done. Remember, others have good ideas too! Have no limits on your imagination. Dare to be corky, wacky, weird, and outrageous. Anything that can be done, do it. Explore the known and unknown. Do not ask why, ask why not! Remember to … Continue reading 10 Steps of Creativity

Promoting Creativity

Children  are natural creative.  They can imagine that there is hot lava on the ground or that all the dolls are really drinking tea.  Creativity is not something that we get to once, it is something that we can come back to many times throughout our life. So what happens when a child has a creative block?  You can use some of these tips to … Continue reading Promoting Creativity

Encouraging Creativity in Children

There are a lot of parents that feel like the child’s art work needs to fit into a nice little box.  Here are a few types to encourage children to use their creativity. Encourage children to ask question Remember to focus on the process and not the finish product. Allow your child to make decisions when possible. Allow your child to use the materials for … Continue reading Encouraging Creativity in Children

“I can make that!” Thoughts when the public says this about your product!

Crafters and artisans hear this all the time.  You’re at a craft fair and you overhear someone looking at your beautiful product saying, “I can make that!” Sure you can!  But will you?? Will you take the time to find 300 buttons in the size and color that you need to re-create one of my beautiful bouquets?  And put in the hours spent creating it? … Continue reading “I can make that!” Thoughts when the public says this about your product!

4th of July Crafts and Activities!

Wow, I can’t believe how fast the year is going.  Can you believe that it is going to be July next week?  Man does the time fly fast!  It isn’t too late to get some 4th of July crafts and activities for next week. Craft: Take a large piece of blue construction paper.Cut red and white streamers (or tissue paper) into long strips (@ 12″).Have … Continue reading 4th of July Crafts and Activities!

Pick 6 – A creative process

Have you ever been blocked creatively?  Can’t focus on which direction to take?  Or maybe you’re overwhelmed with ideas?  You don’t know where to start?  Your mind floods and maybe you even shut down?   Well, “Pick 6.”  This idea is the creative genius of my friend and artist Shirley.  When you’re beginning a project, when you’re stuck, when you’re overwhelmed, just pick 6 different items.  … Continue reading Pick 6 – A creative process

A new technique for exploring art. Try it….

If you’re like me, everything you see is a potential craft or art project!  Every scrap of fabric, each piece of yarn – what could I do with that?  What would I do with that?  We save textured paper, tissue paper, buttons, felt – you name it, we’ve got it just waiting for a project!  I find myself scanning through magazines and books and thinking, “Wow!  … Continue reading A new technique for exploring art. Try it….