4th of July Crafts and Activities!

Wow, I can’t believe how fast the year is going.  Can you believe that it is going to be July next week?  Man does the time fly fast!  It isn’t too late to get some 4th of July crafts and activities for next week.


Take a large piece of blue construction paper.
Cut red and white streamers (or tissue paper) into long strips (@ 12″).
Have children decorate the blue construction paper with glitter, stars, etc.
When dry, have children paste the streamers along the inside bottom of the construction paper.
Roll the blue construction paper to form a cylinder and seal with glue or staples.
Punch 2 holes on the top of the cylinder – one on each side.
Add ribbon or string long enough to hang.

This is to make a fireworks display on paper.

Cut a cylinder shape of red construction paper @ 2″x5 – this will be the firecracker.
Glue this to the long side of a large piece of construction paper – towards the bottom.
Apply glue in lines as though it is shooting out from the cylinder (firecracker)
Apply silver glitter.
Apply more glue in different lines.
Apply red glitter.
Add a few dots of glue and more glitter.
Add paper or sticky stars as desired.

Have you done a craft or activity 4th of July related?  Please link up below!

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