Craft ideas for 4th of July

Firecracker decoration

Supplies:  empty toilet paper roll, glitter, glue, tinsel or tissue paper, star cutouts, construction paper in red, white or blue

– Cut the construction paper to the size of the toilet paper roll.  At the end, this paper will be glued to the roll.

– Have children decorate the construction paper with glitter in red, silver or blue.  It’s fun to show them how to create star bursts or swirls by putting a dot of glitter in the middle and semi-circles around the center dot.  Place the glue down in the shape of the design you want to create, sprinkle with glitter, let dry flat. 

– If you have cut out stars or flags these could be glued on as well. 

– On the inside top of the toilet paper roll, glue strips of tinsel or tissue paper spraying out of the roll.  Or crumple tissue paper and glue it letting some of it pop out of the top of the roll as if it were exploding.

– After the construction paper dries, glue it  to the toilet paper roll. 

Voila!  You have a firecracker decoration!

Tie-Dye shirts in red, white and blue

Supplies:  Tie dye colors, rubber bands, bucket, water, white T shirts

This is so fun to do, especially if it’s warm out. 

Have 2 buckets, one red and one blue, already made up with dye following directions on package.

There are several ways to get tie dye designs so it’s fun to experiment. 

  – Grab a fistful of fabric on the outside of the shirt, knot it with a rubber band, dunk it into one of the buckets.  Repeat with another fistful of fabric in another color.

  – Grab the fabric on the inside of the shirt and tie off; dunk the outside of the shirt into a bucket.  The inside fabric you tied off will stay white.

 – Grab a portion of fabric and twist it, then tie off.  This will give a different effect because the sections inside the twist will stay white. 

– Twist the entire shirt and dunk it.  You could tie it off in several places and color each tied off section a different color.  This would create a pattern covering the entire shirt.

Red, white and blue hair ties.

This looks adorable walking in a parade with your little girl’s hair in a ponytail! 

Supplies:  hair tie, ribbon in red, white and blue.

– Cut ribbon into pieces approximately 4″ long.

– Lay the hair tie on one of the strips and knot the ribbon around the hair tie.  Double knot it.  Continue in any color pattern until the hair tie is covered. 

Happy 4th of July!

By Angela DiCicco

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