How to Save Money on Childrens Clothes

I have been told many times not to spend a ton of money on clothes because children grow out of them so quickly or wear them out.  I understand now that they are only in the same size clothes for at most a season, so paying a lot of money every season can really break a budget.  I have a few tips to save money on children clothes.

  • Always accept hand-me-downs!  I am thankful for all the hand-me-downs from my friends.  I keep what I like and I pass along what I don’t.  For my daughter I don’t need to buy any clothes for at least a year.
  • Shop at thrift stores – The Salvation Army near our home has half price on all clothes on Wednesday.  We are able to pick up some good clothes for less than a dollar a piece.
  •  Shop at consignment stores.  These stores look over items before they sell them so you’re getting the best of used clothing.  The best part is once you are done with your children’s stuff you can consign it back to the store for credit.
  • Yard Sales.  During the spring and summer months you can find a yard sale almost every week. Shop Clearance.  At the end of the season clothes go on clearance.  Purchase the size you would need for the next season.
  • Buy Big.  When you can buy clothes once size bigger than what you think.  This make them last longer.

Do you have any ways that you save money on children’s clothes?  We would love to hear them!

Ashley Myers

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