Cloth Diaper Calculation

When my mother cloth diapered us, it wasn’t the most popular mainstream thing to do.  Actually it was somewhat looked down upon as “hippy” or “Weird”.  In 20 plus years the times have changed.  Since I made the switch to cloth diapers I have met more people who cloth diaper and follow the same eco-friendly ways.  In my endless nights awake, I stumbled up a … Continue reading Cloth Diaper Calculation

Why I Decided on Cloth Diapers

As some of you know, I have 2 children under the age of two, which means 2 in diapers.  If you have children, then you know having 1 in diapers can get expensive….just multiply that with 2.  My daughters diapers we didn’t have to buy because we had them left over from my son, but my son was another story.  Between diapers for him and … Continue reading Why I Decided on Cloth Diapers

How to Save Money on Childrens Clothes

I have been told many times not to spend a ton of money on clothes because children grow out of them so quickly or wear them out.  I understand now that they are only in the same size clothes for at most a season, so paying a lot of money every season can really break a budget.  I have a few tips to save money … Continue reading How to Save Money on Childrens Clothes

Is Breastfeeding Really as Cheap as They Say?

Breastfeeding is what is best for the baby, but it isn’t always 100% free.  For some mothers it is as easy as taking out your breast and feeding your baby, but for some mothers it isn’t as easy or cheap. A mother comes home from the hospital with cracked dry and hard nipples; she may need cooling nipple pads to help relieve the pain.  She … Continue reading Is Breastfeeding Really as Cheap as They Say?

Traveling with Infants

Traveling with infants (and children) can be a daunting task, but with alittle planning and organization it’s very do-able!  We just survived and evenenjoyed our first trip with our baby!   If you are traveling by airplane, know your TSA (Transportation SecurityAdministration) rules and regulations. The 3.4oz rule does NOT apply for babyfood or formula. Leave yourself a few extra minutes because TSA will have … Continue reading Traveling with Infants