Traveling with Infants

Traveling with infants (and children) can be a daunting task, but with a
little planning and organization it’s very do-able!  We just survived and even
enjoyed our first trip with our baby!
If you are traveling by airplane, know your TSA (Transportation Security
Administration) rules and regulations. The 3.4oz rule does NOT apply for baby
food or formula. Leave yourself a few extra minutes because TSA will have to
check the fluids in one of their machines. TSA cannot ask you to separate
yourself from your baby. You may be asked to take your baby out of a carrier; if
this is too much you may request a pat down in addition to going through the
metal detector.
Below is TSA’s website to help with any other rules and regulations.
Other hints:
  • To help with ear popping have your baby suck on a
    pacifier or bottle during take-off and landing. You can also use infant Motrin
    or Tylenol to help ease the pain.
  • If traveling by car, bring enough formula and diapers for the whole ride.  Storing them in a suitcase under all the others, may result in having to take everything out, just to get to the diapers. Also, things happen and you may not be near a store to get refills.
  • Have an extra set of clothes just in case. Good advice for the baby, and for you as well!  Luggage gets lost!
  • If traveling by car,  have one adult sit in the back with the baby to help calm them if neccesary.
  • Remember, you may need to stop to let your baby some time out of the car seat.  Good for you too!
  • Things like baby food, formula and diapers can be picked up at your destination. It’s less to pack and organize in the car or plane. We bought many of these items when we arrived in Arizona.
  • While on vacation, remember to pack enough food for the time you are going to be out of the house.
  • Pack water bottles for yourself and the baby when going out for the day.  We realized that our baby was eating more than usual because he was thirsty!
  • If there is a time difference, keep that in mind while on vacation and planning your days.  It will help to be aware of this to accommodate nap time and feeding time which will be “off” schedule.
  • If you’re out in the sun, pack enough sun screen to reapply numerous times. Also, try to keep your baby out of the sun as much as possible by shading him/her.  Bring a hat!  And be aware of which direction the sun is facing so it’s NOT in your child’s face.

Note from Angela:  I made the decision
not to let having children keep me from traveling or going out. So I took them
along wherever I went and wherever they were welcomed.  Whether traveling or for
a night at a friend’s house, my children learned to sleep just about anywhere,
be comfortable in a variety of situations and they enjoyed lots of positive

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