Tips for Using Cloth Diapers on Vacation

As you know I love cloth diapering my children.  My son potty trained at 2.5 years-old and my daughter will be about the same age when she is potty trained.  At this point we have been through a couple of vacations while fully using cloth diapers.  I really thought that it was going to be difficult and way too much work, but really it wasn’t … Continue reading Tips for Using Cloth Diapers on Vacation


I decided early on that we would take a family vacation every summer, no matter what our financial situation was.  We booked inexpensive trips like camping at the Jersey shore or driving to Tennessee and camping nearby so we could go to Dollywood.  We drove to Florida and stayed at an inexpensive condo outside of DisneyWorld.  It lacked the convenience or the “status” of staying … Continue reading Insights

Traveling with Infants

Traveling with infants (and children) can be a daunting task, but with alittle planning and organization it’s very do-able!  We just survived and evenenjoyed our first trip with our baby!   If you are traveling by airplane, know your TSA (Transportation SecurityAdministration) rules and regulations. The 3.4oz rule does NOT apply for babyfood or formula. Leave yourself a few extra minutes because TSA will have … Continue reading Traveling with Infants