Ways to Include your Toddler in the Kitchen

Toddlers can take an active role in preparing foods.  Based on your childs abilities you can get them involved by pouring, slicing, whisking, squeezing, and garnishing.  Here are some ideas:

  • Preparing finger foods by stacking foods.  ex: stacking cheese on top of crackers, or cucumbers on top of toast
  • Using a spatula to spread fruit or butter on crackers, toast or bread
  • Stirring together ingredients
  • Whisking eggs in a bowl
  • Scrubbing raw potatoes or yams
  • Mashing potatoes or yams
  • Cutting shapes from Jell-o
  • Squeezing lemons, oranges, or limes
  • Snapping the ends of green beans
  • Arranging food on a plate or tray.

How do you get your children to help in the kitchen?  Have any fun children geared recipes?  Please let us know!

Ashley Myers

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