What’s your Creative Process?

Do you jump right into your new creations?  Or do you savor the moment when you begin?  Or maybe you avoid starting a new project, studiously working on any number of legitimate busywork to put it off. 

Everyone has a different process.  Do your ideas come fully formed?  Sometimes mine do, but mostly with my custom orders it is a building process. 

I often put off a project and then feel badly that I’ve mismanaged my time or berate myself for procrastinating.

 A friend recently told me that perhaps it wasn’t procrastination that prevented me from starting a new project but germination. Maybe the wheels of creativity are churning in my head while I am doing something unrelated.  

Once I begin, like to work quickly.  Custom creating is a good learning tool for patience!  My work, like most custom creations, cannot be rushed. 

My little fingers can only go so fast! My creations build on themselves so I’m pondering, trying, thinking. And that takes time. I begin with the bones, the main flowers or ideas that the bride gives me.

Then I begin the process of adding, subtracting, moving and growing the creation until I am satisfied with it.  Sometimes I have to walk away; I’ve hit a wall.  Off I go to do something else, totally unrelated.  Come back fresh.

Most recently I’ve discovered that sometimes I just have to move confidently in the direction my creativity wants to take and stop second guessing myself.  I want to make my brides happy so in the back of my mind, I am always thinking, “Will she like it? Or would she rather have this? Or this? Or that?”  Until I am frozen.  

STOP!  Now start with confidence and boldness.  MOVE forward!  GO! 

And I do, and it does and a beautifully finished product appears. 

What’s your process?

My button bouquet stems. As part of my process, I send brides a few stems to confirm the selection.

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