Promoting Creativity

Children  are natural creative.  They can imagine that there is hot lava on the ground or that all the dolls are really drinking tea.  Creativity is not something that we get to once, it is something that we can come back to many times throughout our life.

So what happens when a child has a creative block?  You can use some of these tips to help spark it.

Make things better:

  1. What would taste better if it were sweeter?
  2. What would be nicer if it were smaller?
  3. What would be more fun if it were faster?
  4. What would be better if it were quieter?
  5. What would be more exciting if it went backwards?
  6. What would be happier if it were bigger?

Use your senses:

  1. Guess what it is?
  2. Guess the sound.
  3. What is the difference?  What is the same?

Divergent Thinking Questions:

  1. What are some uses of water?
  2. What floats in water?
  3. How does water help us?
  4. What sinks in water?

What would happen if:

  1. all the trees in the world were blue?
  2. everyone looked alike?
  3. all the cars were gone?
  4. everybody wore the same clothes?
  5. every vegetable tasted like chocolate?
  6. you could fly?

In how many different ways:

  1. could a spoon be used?
  2. could a button be used?
  3. could a string be used?

How do you promote creativity?  What do you do in order to spark it again?


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