10 Steps of Creativity

 Don’t go with the flow- create your own current. Don’t let the sky stop you. Dare to be different. Don’t say it can’t be done. Remember, others have good ideas too! Have no limits on your imagination. Dare to be corky, wacky, weird, and outrageous. Anything that can be done, do it. Explore the known and unknown. Do not ask why, ask why not! Remember to … Continue reading 10 Steps of Creativity

Promoting Creativity

Children  are natural creative.  They can imagine that there is hot lava on the ground or that all the dolls are really drinking tea.  Creativity is not something that we get to once, it is something that we can come back to many times throughout our life. So what happens when a child has a creative block?  You can use some of these tips to … Continue reading Promoting Creativity

How to Organize Your Home Office

Being organized is imperative for a well-run organization especially if you ARE the organization!  It’s so easy to fly from one thing to the next, busy as we are creating, marketing, ordering, selling.  I often leave a mess in my wake. However, when all of my buttons are in their bins and my ribbons color coordinated, my work flow is smoother, faster, easier and that … Continue reading How to Organize Your Home Office

Do your short term goals conflict with long term goals?

Short term goals:  Make 2 button bracelets today.  Make one contact. Return phone calls.  Fill 2 orders and mail out.Long term goals:  Complete my BA in fine arts.  Be a jillionaire within 10 years! Recently, I felt very stressed when my short term goals conflicted with my long term goals.  Which is more important?  Do I work on my short term goals at the expense … Continue reading Do your short term goals conflict with long term goals?

Art Brain. Math Brain. Can’t I have both?

I am an artist.  I dance, I sing.  I create.  My brain easily goes to this functions.  I look at the world through  artist’s eyes.  How is that made?  Can I recreate it?  What can I make with these colors, this fabric, this theme?  How can I decorate this room?   Doesn’t this fabric drape nicely over this window?  Look at the petals on this flower, … Continue reading Art Brain. Math Brain. Can’t I have both?