Tips for Parents to Prepare for Second Baby

When we are pregnant with our first we prepare ourselves for the addition to the family.  We may have a baby shower, or read tons of books, but we seem to not prepare so much for the second.  The second is usually wrapped up with taking care of the household and an active toddler, preparing is something that gets put on the back burner.  Of course, we get the room ready and pull out all the necessities for the addition, but do we prepare like we did for the first?  Some do, but most don’t.  For some reason we think we remember everything from our first, whether we just had them a few months ago or it has been 3+ years.  Below are some tips for parents to prepare themselves for the addition of one more!

Tour the hospital you are going to deliver at:  Remember how exciting it was with your first?  Why not have that same excitement with your second, plus it will help refresh all the small details you forgot, like how many visitors you can have in the delivery room!

Discuss with your spouse about the responsibilities you will have when the baby comes home:  There is nothing worse than coming home and thinking that your spouse will help out with x and he/she doesn’t do it.  All it adds is unnecessary stress.  Communicate what each person’s responsibilities will be.

Figure out who will be watching your old child while you are in the hospital:  This discussion needs to happen a few weeks before the second is due.  Prepare your older child to be away from you, or decide who will be taking care of them during the day if you are planning to be with them at night.

Food: We all know that caring for a newborn was hard, but now we have a toddler running around too.  Prepare food before the birth, whether it be snacks for a quick grab, frozen dinners, or food to grab for the toddler.  Not having to worry about what to feed your family is one less thing to worry about.

Relearn on delivery: Things may have changed since your last pregnancy and delivery, so do a little research as to what has changed or what you may have forgot!

Check safety guidelines: You never know if your infant car seat or crib from your older child has been recalled.  Do a little research and just make sure.  Can’t find any info online?  Call the company!

Laundry: Decide how you are going to organize or complete it.  Are you going to add the new baby’s clothes to your older?  If you are using cloth diapers are you washing both sizes together?  Having a plan will help you stay on top of it, if the plan doesn’t work try something else.

Get Help: There is nothing wrong with asking or getting help.  There is an adjustment period for everyone and use whatever help you need to make it easier.

Do you have some tips for preparing yourself for your second or third child?  Please share!

Ashley Myers

2 thoughts on “Tips for Parents to Prepare for Second Baby

  1. Oh, this is great! We’re expecting another sometime soon (through adoption) and we have a 22 month old. Most of these apply to us, too….thanks for the great tips! Popping over from KBN! I can’t wait to explore your blog more! 🙂


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