“Wants everyone to take a deep breath…… exhale. Now calm down. There is no definitive right and wrong when it comes to parenting and babies. Each baby is different. There’s no user manual or handbook attached;) Everyone is doing a good Job. Go with your natural instinct.”

Gretchen Robinson

2 thoughts on “Insights

  1. For his age I’d suggest lots of sensory bins. You can do so many different thing with then and they are all intriguing them. With the earlier age ones I’d recommend filling a small plastic tub with different cereal textures (corn flakes, rice crispies, kix) Add different shapes and colors. as Try to keep the earlier age ones either edible items or large enough he couldn’t choke on them. When my daughter was 2 I started doing fun items like shaving cream, water beads, and colored ice. I watched her really close and taught her what she shouldn’t eat. Have fun with it. They learn so much from feeling all sorts of new things.


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