Crunchy Living: Uses for Borax

Borax is another great cleaning tool to have in your house.  It can be used for so many different things, either by itself or in a mixture.  I personally always have a box of borax on hand to help with our household cleaning needs!

  • Keep ants out by surrounding your house
  • Kill fleas by sprinkling it on the carpets leave for an hour and vacuum up
  • Scrub dirty pots and pans with 1 tsp of borax and warm water
  • Remove a stain by mixing 1 cup borax with 2 cups warm water.  Apply the paste to the stain and wash as normal
  • Remove rust by mixing borax with lemon juice
  • Clean outdoor furniture by mixing 1 tsp of dish detergent, 1 tsp borax, and 1 qt of warm water.  Spray on furniture
  • Deodorize litter boxes by adding a few tbpn to the litter
  • Unclog drains with 1/5 cup borax followed by 2 cups of boiling water, let sit for 15 minutes.  Run water to flush out


Do you have any other uses for Borax?  Please share them!

Ashley Myers

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