Tips for Keeping Toddlers with You:

It is hard going anywhere with children, but even harder with children that want to walk with you and are no longer contained in a stroller.  So what do you teach them to help them stay with you?  What do you teach them if you are separated?  Here are some tips on what to teach your children. Dress children in the same color shirt- it … Continue reading Tips for Keeping Toddlers with You:

This Works for Me!

Store small books in plastic napkin holders- it makes it easier for young children to get them out. When old parts of toys turn up, put them in a plastic bag- that way when you notice the toy with the missing part, you know where to look. To preserve posters, pictures, and other items cover them with contact paper- this is durable and easier for … Continue reading This Works for Me!

Moms to Moms: Breastfeeding- Dealing with Pain

–  Hot and cold compresses, message, and hand express for pain and pressure, also lanolin cream for the nipple when it’s feeling “dry and raw.” (Theresa Monfet) -Warm wash clothes on help relieve some of the pain. (Brooke Dhawan) -Make sure that your baby is latched properly. -Nurse on the less sore breast first. -Make sure to break suction before taking your baby off the breast. -Use breast milk to … Continue reading Moms to Moms: Breastfeeding- Dealing with Pain

Pregnancy: 25 Stress-Busting Strategies

Pregnancy can be very tough on a mother’s body, mind, and soul.  Below is a list of 25 strategies for lowering your stress.  Some of these can be used even when you’re not pregnant. Write in a journal Enjoy a prenatal message Go for a relaxing swim Join a support group Follow a healthy diet Cuddle with your pet Set manageable goals Plan a date night … Continue reading Pregnancy: 25 Stress-Busting Strategies

Solutions for the “Nothing to Do” Syndrome

At some point in every parents life we will hear “I’m bored” or ” I have nothing to do” and we immediately think “the bathroom needs to be cleaned!” Here are some creative ideas for when your children come to you saying “I have nothing to do.” Prepare a story hour- have the younger children pick out books for the older children to read. Act out … Continue reading Solutions for the “Nothing to Do” Syndrome