I find that often, when I am angry at the children, it is because I am tired or I am frustrated because I don’t know how to deal with this situation.

I am really frustrated and angry at myself but my child triggers the helplessness and feels the emotion or anger directed at them.

Most of the time, the children are just being children, doing what comes naturally for them to do. Children need to be taught what not to do.  We often assume they know, yet, if we think about it, they may not have encountered this situation this way before.They don’t have the skill set to transfer one piece of data and apply it to another situation.

Yet we get frustrated with these little beings who are still learning about the world. We know we’ve told them, explained to them, so why don’t they get it?  Do we expect too much?  Often, the answer is “yes.”

Angela DiCicco

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