Moms to Moms: Breastfeeding- Dealing with Pain

–  Hot and cold compresses, message, and hand express for pain and pressure, also lanolin cream for the nipple when it’s feeling “dry and raw.” (Theresa Monfet)

-Warm wash clothes on help relieve some of the pain. (Brooke Dhawan)

-Make sure that your baby is latched properly.

-Nurse on the less sore breast first.

-Make sure to break suction before taking your baby off the breast.

-Use breast milk to help heal your nipples.

-Avoid soaps and body creams because they can dry out your nipples.

-Change breast pads often.  The damp pads can make your nipples more chapped and sore.


Do you have any remedies to deal with pain from breastfeeding?  Please share!

Ashley Myers

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