Tips for Drying up your Milk

At some point, for every mother, the breast-milk will need to dry up.  Sometimes it dries up on its own and other times it takes some work to dry up the breast-milk.  In the process, painful engorgement can occur.

Below are some tips that I have found helpful to dry up your milk or, at least, to make the process a little easier.

  • Cabbage Leaves:  Place fresh, cold cabbage leaves on your breast.  Leave on until they wilt.
  • Do not stimulate breast: It will send a signal to you body to produce more milk.
  • No warm water: When taking a shower face away from the warm water,  it can cause a let down of milk, which triggers your body to make more.
  • Ice cold packs: To relieve the engorgement.
  • Take a pain pill: It helps relieve the engorgement.
  • Wear a tight fitting bra: Helps to support the breasts
  • Drink a few cups of sage leaves: Sage has been known to help dry up milk production.
  • Do not limit your water intake:  This will not help you dry up your breast-milk, it will only dehydrate you.

If possible, try to slowly wean your child.  By doing this you are lowering your chances for engorgement.

Do you have any tips for drying up your breastmilk?

Ashley Myers

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