You’re Not Alone……

Have you ever said “I’ll never spank” but find yourself using this occasionally in anger or frustration? Have a 2 or 3 year old child who still doesn’t sleep through the night? Do you find yourself realizing at 11am that you haven’t gotten showered or dressed yet? Do you run in to check on your newborn to make sure he/she is still breathing? Do you … Continue reading You’re Not Alone……

Crunchy Living: Uses for Borax

Borax is another great cleaning tool to have in your house.  It can be used for so many different things, either by itself or in a mixture.  I personally always have a box of borax on hand to help with our household cleaning needs! Keep ants out by surrounding your house Kill fleas by sprinkling it on the carpets leave for an hour and vacuum up … Continue reading Crunchy Living: Uses for Borax

This Works for Me!

Use CLEAR PACKING TAPE to repair odds and ends around the house, repair books, hang pictures on walls.  Works better than regular tape! My kids love “drawing” on STEAMED-UP WINDOWS. After they’re done I hand them a paper towel to wipe!! They’re having fun and the windows get cleaned! When children use bad language or misbehave, try sending them to the BATHROOM since they are … Continue reading This Works for Me!

Moms to Moms on Stress

Aside from daily survival, I think the greatest stressors for children and parents is sibling fighting.  For the younger ones I will change the focus b stopping what I’m doing to cuddle up and read a few books to them.  They calm down and then resume playing.  Older children are given 5 minutes to work out a solution on their own.  If they are unsuccessful, I … Continue reading Moms to Moms on Stress

Moms to Moms: Dealing with the Santa Question

At the age of seven, my oldest son asked me to settle an argument in which he claimed the Easter Bunny was not real.  I told him he was correct.  A few minutes later he came back asking, “Does that mean that Santa Claus isn’t real either?”  When I answered positively, he couldn’t believe that all those present really came from us (after all, we … Continue reading Moms to Moms: Dealing with the Santa Question

This Works for Me!

Shopping with a Toddler: Before you go into the store, tell your child how to act, what behavior is and is not acceptable.  They need lots of reminders and they are still learning what is appropriate in what place.  Do not assume that after running around the playground this afternoon, your child will remember to be calm prepare them, this gives you an opportunity to say, “Remember, … Continue reading This Works for Me!

From Moms to Moms: Moving

While my husband and I were house hunting we never took the children with us.  When we did select a house, we waited until the contract was accepted before showing the children their new home.  Then we has to sell our old house.  We packed away the messiest toys and when someone called to see the house, we’d play the “pick-up game”.  I’s race the children to see … Continue reading From Moms to Moms: Moving

This Works for Me!

Fall is a great time to go outdoors and LOOK.  Teach your children to notice things- patterns on the ground, the sun shining through the leaves, the many shades of leaves, various bark trees.  A nature walk could include taking a book along to identify birds, trees, leaves, and bugs. Best medication for TEETHING TODDLERS crushed ice!  Give child spoon and little dish of ice.  Really … Continue reading This Works for Me!