You’re Not Alone……

  • Have you ever said “I’ll never spank” but find yourself using this occasionally in anger or frustration?
  • Have a 2 or 3 year old child who still doesn’t sleep through the night?
  • Do you find yourself realizing at 11am that you haven’t gotten showered or dressed yet?
  • Do you run in to check on your newborn to make sure he/she is still breathing?
  • Do you have a child that makes your feel like you don’t know where you leave off and he/she begins?
  • Have a demanding child who asks for something so repetitive you think you’ll go crazy?
  • Feel overwhelmed and just want to give up walk our or run away?
  • Turn your head 1 minute in a store and find your children gone, your heart races then discover they are hiding behind some clothes!

Just remember that you are not alone!

Angela DiCicco

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